Meet another one of Wildewood's dedicated golfers

Meet Jerry Jerrett, one of Wildewood’s long standing members and a golfer with quite a history.  Jerry started his golfing career at age 11 by caddying in Clear Lake for 75 cents a round and making 50 cents an hour picking up balls for a golfer named Johnny Lawrence.  At that time, his biggest ambition was to win the Tamarack tournament, which he did win in 1959, beating a golfer named Bob Gray.  With all of this early exposure to the game, despite no formal golf instruction, Jerry became both an excellent and a dedicated golfer.  That dedication has lasted to this day.


With a mile-long list of accomplishments to his credit over the years, including losing the Quebec Amateur Championship by one single solitary stroke,  winning and qualifying in a very very large number of tournaments and championships (Clear Lake, Golden Falcon Championship, the Tamarack Golf Tournament, Grey Owl) , Jerry was the 1977 Manitoba Amateur Champion.  He was also Wildewood’s Club Champion in 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1973.  He has had quite a lot of media coverage during his golf career, being compared to Ben Hogan! 


When asked what advice he had to give young golfers, Jerry said that chipping and putting is the most important component of the game.  He has said that he could beat the long hitters because of his skill with his putting. 


At age 85 now, and having started at age 11, Jerry has been an avid golfer for 74 years.  Congratulations Jerry! We’d like to thank Jerry for letting us read his file of golfing memorabilia.  It is truly impressive.