the Wrecking Ball Bash

Dear Wildewood members,

It’s bittersweet…and it’s sad for all of us that have been members at the Wildewood Club for so long, but the building is in its final season.  Let’s see it out in the way that so many of us saw it in the past: with fun and good friends.  


So, join us, as we are planning the

Wrecking Ball Bash

October 17, 2015

8 pm – 1 am in the Wildewood Club badminton area.


We are running this event as a sort of social so there will be a DJ, cash bar, a 50/50 draw, silent auction and other typical social type activities.  


What is going to be different however, is the walk down memory lane.  We have unearthed a lot of pictures of past activities and they will be on display.  What a lot of fun!  The snow golf pictures are great….as is the snapshot of the male swimmer with what we think are no trunks.  Hmm…..  We will also be providing the “message wall” where we will actively encourage you to write a farewell message on the wall.  We will take pictures of the wall and start another scrapbook of Wildewood memorabilia. 


We are looking to have as many Wildewood members at the bash as possible…and we know many of the golfers, but we hope that our current members can help spread the word far and wide to curlers, tennis and badminton players, and all of the others that came here for their weddings, their kids’ weddings, swimming lessons and great times.  This will be the last time to say farewell to this club and the memories held within its walls. 


I know that all of you have been so generous in the past with our fundraising efforts for Maria Mitousis, tips for the Humane Society etc.  Truly appreciated.  If you would like to do so, we would be most grateful for any donations you may like to make to our silent auction.  The focus of this event really isn’t fundraising, but if we do raise some money, we will be able to contribute to a new rough mower or a new beverage cart.  That would make all of us very happy, especially Ashley, who was stranded and smoked out a couple of times!


Please see the pro shop staff (204 284 7385) to purchase tickets and drop off donations for the silent auction.


In summary, bring yourselves, bring your family, your friends and any Wildewood members you know and let’s make this final event another memorable Wildewood occasion. 


This will be fun.