The reports of Wildewood Golf’s demise have been greatly exaggerated (apologies to Mark Twain on the quote!).

There have been many changes at Wildewood with the clubhouse being demolished, but the golf course is still going strong and will remain strong, open and ready to have you come and enjoy it.  The course is in terrific shape and the setting is still as beautiful as it always has been, here in the heart of Fort Garry.  

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The former Wildewood Club
As the Wildewood Club building is coming down, we have noticed a lot of people drive or walk by, take pictures and share the fond memories they have of the club.  In its prime, the Wildewood Club was a focal point for many families.  It was an inter-generational club:  couples got married here, their children got married here and many individuals learned to golf, play tennis or badminton, curl, swim, and generally have a wonderful time at Wildewood (and we have the pictures to prove it).  Some parents would drop the kids off to swim, go play a round of golf and then have a family dinner afterward.  I have heard it said that the Wildewood Club was their year-round  “cottage” and they didn’t have to drive very far at all!  

Although the old clubhouse itself will make way for some beautiful new condos, both the Winnipeg Lawn and Tennis Club and Wildewood Golf will continue to operate as usual.  The Wildewood Pro Shop’s number is 204-284-7385.  Call for a tee time!